What we do?

We, at JobGully, are your Hiring Consultants extending complete Hiring Solutions to small, medium and big size organization looking to outsource their hiring & recruitment services and wanted to expand their Manpower in a quick, easy and efficient way. Your need for outsourcing your HR services may arise due to frequent fluctuation in the human resources at your organization. We work with devotion towards our passion to provide only befitting and the best quality resources at the very first time.

Why Trust Our Hiring Services?

Being Hiring Consultants, we understand the attributes of the ideal employee for our client and strive to identify, screen, interview and select such a candidate. We practice strict vendor neutrality since our client’s needs are our paramount focus. We hold expertise in providing the best talent within their budget. Our flexibility helps us to customize our HR services according to the recruitment needs of our clients. So, sit back and relax as you put the responsibility of recruitment into the hands of our highly experienced HR consultants.

Our Hiring Solutions

Permanent Hiring

Permanent Hiring is a great deal of work that takes up considerable amount of time and money to find out the perfect professional to fill up a vacancy. But, what if we told you that with a team of passionate recruitment specialists, Permanent Hiring Services is a piece of cake for us?

We are a Permanent Hiring Company that you can trust for your next amazing permanent hire! Our Permanent Hiring Consultants ensure savings on your staff’s time and advertising budget. Since we have an access to a larger pool of qualified and high quality candidates, we never fail at finding the most suitable candidate for our clients.

On receiving a Permanent Hiring requirement, the Recruitment Manager assigned to the client works with our other Permanent Hiring Consultants to seek out the right kind of creative professional with a skill-set to suit its business needs.

Contractual Hiring

As Contractual Employment is more flexible than the permanent one, a great deal of employers opt for it. This hassle-free kind of appointment is regulated by the terms and guidelines laid down in the contract.

We, at JobGully, provide both short-term and long-term Contractual Hiring Services. Our highly experienced and professional Contractual Hiring Consultants will not only guide you about recruiting the right candidates at the right time and position, but will also find the best fit professional for the vacancy.

Understanding the seriousness of this job, our Contractual Hiring Services take care of the legal requirements including the existing labour laws and recruitment rules. We also draw up mutually acceptable terms and conditions.

With the help of core, well executed Contractual Hiring Solutions, we have access to an extensive database of skilled contractual workers available at affordable pricing. If your projects need immediate resources, you can count on us for quality, quick time line and no employee-related costs.


Contract-to-hire is a great idea for an employer as well as for an employee, as it gives them an opportunity to assess if they are a good fit for each other. This effective strategy of availing Contract-to-Hire Hiring Services is offered by our Contract-to-Hire Company, and is getting more and more popular without seeming to be going anywhere, anytime soon.

We, at JobGully, hold an expertise in offering Contract-to-Hire Hiring Services. Our expert Contract-to-Hire Hiring Consultants turn to our extensive database, for each vacancy, to find the best talent for the client company.

We understand how crucial is this contract for both the parties, and thus our Contract-to-Hire Hiring Consultants make sure the skill-set of the candidate is perfectly suited to the company’s requirements. Our Contract-to-Hire Hiring Consultants make sure our client’s contract-to-hire employee eases the pressure on cash flow by being cost-effective.