Resume Do’s / Dont’s for Freshers...

Resume Do's Dont's Tips for Freshers
JobGully Team June 14, 2017

Resume Do’s / Dont’s for Freshers

Learning never ends! Yes, knowledge is power but Presentation is the key to market any product, and it applies to your resume as well. Completing your Graduation from good college or University doesn’t guarantee good job, at least in today’s competitive scenario where a person with a decent score but with multitude of other desirable traits can roll you out.

Nothing to exaggerate about; the current job system is fully equipped with free as well as paid services for “Building your Resume” to make it look more professional and “Market your CV” to get more interview calls. Isn’t it so?

To tame such problem with much greater efficacy, we bring you “Most Important Pieces of Job Advice Your College isn’t giving you’. Let’s see what we have in store for you-

Not just admire but aspire: Since it’s a completely new journey for you, it is always advisable for the newbies to reach out to some ‘experienced’ individuals whom they admire. They will suggest you different things which at times will be unheard off. Try to start dialogue with such people and tell them about how you feel about them and you’ll be glad to get positive reply. Send your work to get plentiful of suggestions.

Make yourself social enough: What do you consider yourself to be? Introvert extrovert or an ambivert! Not just getting stuck to old professional LinkedIn network, discover other platforms for job hunting. Recruiter can simply find your profile when he/she googles your name. Search for your college or school alumni group and most importantly reach out to them.

Polish up your social front: Not just your CV and result card, it’s more of a necessity to get your social foot print cleaned i.e. you should better delete all such posts that may reflect your unintended image to its viewers which are capable to hamper to future job prospects. However it doesn’t imply to turn absolutely professional on social upfront, it just means to be little more careful.

Expand your professional network: Sites like LinkedIn, can facilitate in-person networking and social events are a great way to meet potential employers. Spend your vacations doing some sort of internship or volunteer work to burgeon up your connections.

Put an extra effort: If you’re creative enough to get yourself an extra edge over other when it comes to do something which isn’t everyone capable of, it is high time to manifest what you’re good at by having a personal domain to create your own website. You can opt for part time blogging to get your ideas disseminated.

Get rid of not so ‘formal’ mail address: Suppose you own an ID which reads your mail address as ‘’ and use the same while completing your resume, what kind of reaction will you expect from the employer? Therefore, one should create a professional e-mail ID to exhibit your professionalism to your employers. Start looking for such potholes while applying for a job.

Take it easy on ‘Planning’: Someone has rightly said “One who fails to plan, plans to fail” You should implement a pre-planned routine in your life so that one can spend holidays doing something exhaustive like ‘job-searching’. Use your free time to contact your previous employers to take first mover advantage in case any opportunity arises.

There are some of very simple tricks which one can adhere to give their career a kick start with reduced chances of uncertainty. All the best!

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