JobGully provides flexible RPO Services to include all the services required by our clients. With rich experience, our RPO Consultants curate a recruitment strategy for all the individual requirements. This customized strategy includes understanding the client requirements including the mandatory and desirable skill-set, and then preparing a job description for the same.

Following that, a marketing plan is made to attract the right kind of professionals for the vacancy. Our huge pool of data helps us find quality resources for our clients. Our RPO Consultants perform high degree of screening processes and in-depth interviews to assess if the candidate is a right fit for the vacancy.

Our RPO Services are open to modification and are tailor made for every requirement so that you can enjoy the good riddance from this tedious task by giving it in our expert hands.

On-site RPO Solutions

Our on-site teams, managed by our Resource Management Group, effectively manage the work at their respective client-sites throughout the engagement period. The presence of our highly experienced RPO Consultants on-site, enables a comprehensive understanding of the organization and development of relationships with hiring managers.

Off-site RPO Solutions

For off-site RPO Services, Job Gully builds up a perfect team of RPO Consultants and Client Relationship Managers, working in-house on client requirements. Our Client Engagement Managers, unmistakably, provide all crucial and vital updates time to time to the client representative.

Industry Domain

Outsource Manpower Requirements

Outsourcing Manpower Requirements is an effective strategy for cost-reduction. We provide Manpower Solutions so that you can focus on other business while our Manpower Consultants recruit for you.

All our Manpower Consultants have a knack for recruiting the most suitable and cost-effective employees for our clients. You can utilise their expertise by receiving Manpower Services, without having to hire a Manpower Recruitment workforce for a short-term.

We Hunt Best Talent

We understand how tricky it is to find befitting leaders for an organisation. Job Gully’s industry know-how and active-networking makes it a perfect choice for Headhunting solutions. Our Executive Search Professionals have extensive knowledge of the industry and we recognize the challenges faced by each of our clients. Our Executive Search is highly focussed on finding the suitable candidates that lead your organisation towards sky-scraping growth.

Our Executive Search professionals also ensure that the candidate they find have the right skills and qualifications for the position. Our company’s Headhunting strategies are simplified, resulting in quick service to our clients.